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Your Neighborhood House Cleaning Service in Delaware County

Need a helping hand with house cleaning in Delco, PA? Or maybe you need your office cleaned after long-months of work? No worries, we’ve got you covered! We’ll help get your space cleaned and tidy, while you focus on what matters the most. 

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Why Hire A Delaware County House Cleaning Service?

When your home is a mess, it can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety to your daily life. Our mission is to leave your home squeaky-clean so that you can have peace and relaxation in your life again. Our professional maid cleaning service in Delaware will leave your home spotless every visit. We will go above and beyond to give your home that breath-easy and thorough deep cleaning you desired.

When hiring a professional residential & commercial cleaning service, we bring our cleaning own supplies. So, you do not have to worry about providing these essentials yourself or to an independent cleaner. We know what products work best for your home to eliminate grime and dirt build-up. Our cleaners have an eye for detail and are highly trained to see overlooked areas. House cleaning is what they do for a living, so you can trust the results you see in your home.

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Here at Delco, we believe that above all else, you choose the right local cleaning service in Delaware County, PA that you can truly rely on and trust in your home. That is why we go out of our way to ensure that you are a satisfied customer with our Happiness Guarantee. You deserve nothing but the best - nothing less, and that is why we are, as your next-door neighbor, always staying on top of providing high-quality service in Delco and surrounding areas.

Our professional cleaners are vetted and established as trustworthy experts in their field. With an average experience of 5+ years, you can expect the utmost respect and care that you can trust and count on. We guarantee that we will never schedule someone to your home unless they met our stringent process for their trustworthiness, integrity, and work ethic. Our staff takes provides in providing our customers with a healthy, clean environment to live and work in. Having a clean, healthy environment allows you to relax and take focus away from everyday worries.

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You’re busy, and your time is valuable. Hiring a cleaning service gives you the spotlessly clean home you deserve when you don’t have the time to clean or if cleaning isn’t your thing.

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Let us take some of the daily stress you have been facing off your chest. With everything on your plate, you can finally walk into a clean, organized home and immediately feel that sense of relief.

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Reclaim you and your family free time! Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

We take pride in what we do! We respect you and your family's living space, and as a customer, you will get to know and trust us as professionals. We enjoy helping others and can get your home back on track and knock off your never-ending cleaning task list. Book us today and enjoy your relaxing, clean home!

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We recently used Delco House Cleaning Service and we are very happy that we found them! They are very quick to respond and flexible around their scheduling. We had no issues with needing to cancel or re-schedule our cleaning. We immediately felt comfortable with our team and they did a beautiful, meticulous job with our home. We highly recommend this cleaning service!

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Your Friendly Cleaning FAQ

The cost of house cleaning varies and depends on several factors. Of course, the location has a big impact on the rate a house cleaning professional will charge; however, there are other factors that will impact the price, as well, such as the type of services the company will provide, how frequently the services will be performed, and the size of your home. For example, if you’re just having the basics (sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floors, dusting, and tidying up) once every two weeks on a 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom ranch, the cost is likely to be less than if you were to have deep-cleaning (the floors, dusting, tidying up, the bathrooms, changing the linens, etc.) performed once a week on a large 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2-story house with cathedral ceilings. With that said, the price usually ranges between $116 and $235, and the national average is around $170. 

While the process will vary from company to company, typically, professionals follow several steps when they clean a house. Usually, the first step involves creating a checklist, which will detail what rooms need to be cleaned and what surface in each room have to be cleaned. The cleaners will use the checklist as a guide to ensure that they cover all key areas. Professionals will employ appropriate tools, products, techniques, and strategies; microfiber cloths, heavy-duty vacuums with numerous tools, sponges, and gentle, safe, and highly effective cleaners, etc. Usually, they will start from the top and work their way down; ceilings to floors. They’ll clear away cobwebs, clean ceiling fans and lights, wipe down walls, dust and disinfect countertops, tables, shelves, etc., vacuum curtains, upholstered furniture, etc., and lastly, will sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors. The windows will also be thoroughly cleaned, as well as kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures. 

The cost of deep cleaning a house in Delco, PA depends largely on the company you hire. It also depends on the current state of your house and what the deep cleaning services entail. With that said, on average, the cost of deep cleaning a house in Delco, PA is about $150 (give or take). 

Cleaning an old house is a bit different than cleaning a new house. Older houses – especially historic properties – tend to have more delicate surfaces, and therefore require a more delicate approach to cleaning. The cleaning process will begin by creating a checklist to determine what rooms and surfaces need to be cleaned. Gentle cleansers and solutions will be used to remove dirt, dust, debris and grime, and advanced tools that are highly effective, yet are gentle on surfaces. 

The services that will be included depend on the house cleaning package that you selected. While additional charges may apply for services that require more work (removing stains from a carpet, for example), the following checklist is what you can expect a standard house cleaning to include: 

  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • Vacuuming upholstered furniture
  • High (ceiling fans and lights, etc.) and low (tabletops, entertainment stands, etc.) dusting
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom fixtures, floors, and countertops
  • Cleaning and disinfecting kitchen appliances, sinks, countertops, etc. 
  • Emptying trash cans
  • Window cleaning (including the sills and ledges)
  • Tidying and straightening up 
  Other services that may be offered for an extra charge may include:  
  • Changing out bed linens and making the beds 
  • Removing and laundering table and window linens (tablecloths and draperies)
  • Laundry (washing, drying, folding, ironing, putting away)
  • Washing the dishes and putting them away

The frequency at which a cleaning lady comes depends on your living situation; however, on average, once a week is recommended. If you have a large, active household, you may want to have a cleaning lady come twice a week, and if you have a small, quiet household, once every two weeks may be suitable. 

They can, but this is usually considered an additional service, and additional charges typically apply. 

Yes! Whether you have a busy lifestyle and you have a hard time finding the time to keep up with the cleaning or you’re elderly and have a difficult time maintaining your house, hiring a cleaner would certainly be worthwhile.  

Yes. We will bring all of the supplies that are needed to clean your house, including mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners, dusters, cleaning solutions, mops, disinfectants, and more. 

It depends on the square footage of the home and the state of the house; however, on average, it takes about 2 hours to clean a 4 bedroom house. 

In 2 hours, a cleaner can vacuum, sweep, and mop the floors, clean the bathrooms and kitchens, complete high and low dusting, tidy up, make up beds, and empty garbage cans.

During a deep house cleaning, all surfaces of a house will be cleaned, including everything from light fixtures and switch plates to window glass and sills – and so much more. Examples of services offered include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Dusting
  • Carpet and rug shampooing and vacuuming
  • Hardwood floor cleaning
  • Window washing 
  • Appliance cleaning
  • Bathroom fixture cleaning
  • Changing and laundering draperies
  • Clean out and organize the refrigerator
  • Oven cleaning
  • Organize kitchen drawers
  • Clean and disinfect kitchen appliances
  • Disinfect switch plates, door knobs, drawer pulls, etc. 
  • Organize closets

A basic house cleaning entails general cleaning, such as: 

  • Floor cleaning
  • Emptying trash cans
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning bathrooms and kitchens
  • Straightening up 

Top 10 Places To Visit In Delco, PA (Delaware County)

Nestled on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Delaware County (affectionately called “Delco” by locals and visitors alike) is the place where people go when they want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, and for good reason – there are so many things to do. Renowned historical locations, beautiful wine trails, breathtaking gardens, sporting events, theater productions, and dinning opportunities so please every palate; no matter what your interests may be, you’re bound to find something that will suit your interests in Delaware County.  Check out one of the oldest log cabins in the United States, Lower Swedish Cabin; take in nature at the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge; pay homage to the brave soldiers who fought for independence during the American Revolution at Brandywine Battlefield; learn how wine is made (and taste it, too) at Penns Woods Winery – there’s really no shortage of things to see and do in Delco. If you’re planning a trip to Delaware County, here’s a look at 10 awesome things that you should totally consider including on your itinerary. 

Lower Swedish Cabin. Situated on Creek Road in Upper Darby’s Drexel Hill section, Lower Swedish Cabin is an historic Swedish-style log cabin that is thought to be one of the oldest still-standing log cabins in the United States. Constructed of wooden timber, this modest, two-story cabin was designed and built by Swedish settlers sometime between the 1630s and 1650s to serve as a trading post with the American Indians who lived nearby. In 1980, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places, and in 1987, it was completely restored. 

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. A sanctuary for animals and humans, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge (which is named for the Senator who perished when he plane went down close to the refuge) is a natural oasis that sits just outside of a concrete jungle. There are 10 miles of trails to explore, and an array of flora and fauna that are native to the Delaware River Watershed. You can even canoe or kayak along the tidal waters of Darby Creek.

Brandywine Battlefield. The site where the largest land battle of the American Revolution took place, you can’t help but feel patriotic as you follow the footsteps of George Washington at Brandywine Battlefield Park. A National Historical Landmark, Brandywine is the most preserved battlefield site of the Revolutionary War. Stroll the rolling hills or tour the headquarters that were used by Washington, the Benjamin Ring House.

Penns Woods Winery. A family-owned and operated winery, at Penns Woods, you’ll be able to see the magic that goes into making award-winning wines that are created from Pennsylvania-grown grapes. Of course, you can sip on the tasty wines, too, while dining on perfect food pairings and taking in live music. 

Community Arts Center. Nestled in Wallingford’s rolling hills, the Community Arts Center is a 130 year old estate, which was once the home of an affluent businessman, and was transformed into one of the most beloved spots for professional and amateur artists alike in Delco.

Taylor Arboretum at Widener University. With just 30 acres of land, the Taylor Arboretum may be tiny (as far as arboretum’s go), but it sure is mighty! It provides a great opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy nature. Stroll the banks of Ridley Creek while taking in the breathtaking aged magnolia, dogwood, and holly trees, and just appreciate the simple things that life has to offer. The arboretum is home to champion trees, such as a Giant Dogwood, Lacebark Elm, and a Korean Juniper.

The Media Theater. Experience the magic of the Great White Way without all of the chaos of Manhattan. The Media Theater is the only professional theater in Delaware County, and it brings the excitement of Broadway into a quaint small town – at a much more affordable price (and without having to search for a parking spot or hail a cab). Year-round productions include musicals, concerts, and even children’s performances. Professional actors, actresses, singers, and musicians take to the stage, putting on performances that are sure to delight. 

Booth’s Corner Farmer’s Market. Offering fantastic, fresh food, outstanding value, and incredible special events, the Booth’s Corner Farmer’s Market has been held every weekend for more than 50 years. Local merchants, including the Amish, travel to this farmer’s market to sell their farm-grown veggies, fruits, farm-raised meats and cheese, and home-baked goodies. Shopkeepers sell an array of treasures, from housewares, such as handmade quilts, and handspun wool sweaters – and even braided silver! Booth’s Corner Farmer’s Market is truly a Delco treasure. 

Tower Theater. When most people think of Philadelphia history, they picture the place where independence was born. While it’s certainly true Philly is the birthplace of liberty, there’s another part of the City of Brotherly Love’s history that’s just as magical: music – and the Tower Theater personifies that deep history. Since it’s opening in 1972, the stage at the Tower Theater has seen some of the most spectacular performances from some of the most renowned musicians, such as Neil Young, Paul Simon, and David Bowie. Taking in a show and experiencing Philly’s rich music history at the Tower Theater is a must do while you’re visiting Delaware County. 

Philadelphia Union. Sports fans will definitely want to include a day at Philadelphia Union on their Delco trip itinerary. Played at the Subaru Park on the Chester waterfront, the soccer team may still be regarded as “newbies” to the rich Philly sports scene, the Union has definitely made a name for themselves and has developed a devoted (and very proud) fan base. At this beautiful stadium, you’ll enjoy the fast-paced action of an adrenalin-pumping game.  With so many amazing things to do in Delaware County, it’s easy to see why so many locals and visitors have hailed this region as one of the best place to experience in Pennsylvania. You’re sure to have a blast when you visit Delco.